Construction Contract Administrator (CCA) Course

Winter 2022
February 02, 2022 | By Webmaster

The Ottawa Chapter of CSC is hosting a Construction Contract Administrator (CCA) course during the month of Feb/March 2022.

About this event

Construction Contract Administrator (CCA) Maximum number of students is limited to 8 students for this course and COVID-19 protocols will be followed during this course. Very important note: Please be aware that only fully vaccinated students will be able to attend this course in person. This is to comply with Ontario’s new law for in person gatherings/events. Please see the detail here on Government of Ontario’s website.

Course Schedule

  • First Day: Saturday February 12 between 8:30-16:00
  • Second Day: Saturday February 19 between 8:30-16:00
  • Third Day: Saturday February 26 between 8:30-16:00
  • Fourth Day : Saturday March 5 between 8:30-16:00
  • Fifth Day: Saturday March 12 between 8:30-16:00

Course Presenters:

John Cooke from John G Cook Associates
Jori Toniello from Architecture 49
Chris Lance from Norr
Ali Ahrabi from Hilti
For any questions about this class, please contact Ali Ahrabi by email at Ali.Ahrabi@hilti.com

Course description:

The course is designed for those individuals involved in construction administration, including Contract Administrators, Property Managers, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Specification Consultants, Building Authorities, and Bonding and Insurance Agencies. This course is a requirement for the Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA) designation.

Course Outline:

  • Construction Industry participants
  • Bidding Requirements and Process
  • Alternatives and Substitutions
  • Standards and Regulatory Influences
  • Site Activities
  • Execution of the Work
  • Certificate of Payment
  • Changes in the Work
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Construction Insurance
  • Construction Surety Bonds
  • Guaranties and Warranties
  • Project Submittal
  • Field Services and Quality Control
  • Clerk of the Works
  • Contract Close-Out
  • Commissioning
  • Definitions and Resources