Technical Session Summaries

We are in the process of working on the 2020 Conference schedule which should be available soon.

Topics will include the following:


Title: Women in the Industry: A Panel Discussion

Speaker(s): TBA


Title: The Construction Schedule: a Management Tool

Speaker(s): Mr. Jean Paradis


Title: La certification WELL et sa mise en oeuvre / WELL certification and its implementation

Speaker(s): Mrs. Julie Hardy


Title: Building Science Guidance for the Specification of Exterior Air and Water Resistive

Barrier Membranes

Speaker(s): Mr. Graham Finch


Title: Misguided Guide Specs: Are Your Product Specs Really Helping the Specifier?

Speaker(s): Mr. Ronald L. Geren


Title: The Intent behind the New Code Provisions of the NBC 2015 Subsection 5.9.3, Other

Fenestration Assemblies

Speaker(s): Mrs. Anik Teasdale, P. Eng., Ph.D. Façade Specialist


Title: Adapting Canada’s Codes, Standards and Specifications for Climate change and

Extreme Events

Speaker(s): Mrs. Marianne Armstrong


Title: Specifying Smart-Building Systems

Speaker(s): Mr. Luc Pellerin, P. Eng., LEED AP


Title: Thermal and Hygrothermal Performance of Exterior Wall Assemblies Using Various

Cladding Attachment Methods

Speaker(s): Mr. Jean-François Côté and Mr. Les Yard


Title: Deferred Design - Management of Design Solutions by Constructors

Speaker(s): Mr. Keith Robinson, FCSC

Title: Code Changes, Standards & Construction Challenges

Speaker(s): Mrs. Pamela Shinkoda, P, Eng.


Title: Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) Code Compliance

Evaluation/Certification for innovative Building products and Systems

Speaker(s): Mrs. Hélène Roche


More sessions to follow. 

(subject to change without notice)